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Organic Farm Foods B2C

We value organic farming and we sell our organic farm GMO free foods to dozens of families, buying groups, shops and restaurants… who regard highly natural and healthy food.

Have a look at Our Organic Farm Foods section and come and visit us at our farm shop.

But if you’d rather taste some local cuisine made with our food, then book our restaurant. You will take your meals in a cheerful and friendly environment, and – most important of all – you will taste the true flavours of the typical cuisine of Umbria and of this borderland between Lake Trasimeno and the Lake of Chiusi.

You will appreciate our food so much that you will want to buy some to cook it back at home.

Our organic farming is a family tradition, dating back to last century. We respect the environment we live in, so we chose to maintain this way of working the land and to restore our furniture heritage, distributing it among our flats to rent, so that our guest can feel and absorb the relaxing atmosphere of natural good old things.