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The Lake Trasimeno Bean

The Lake Trasimeno Bean is a unique and irreplaceable produce that maintains unaltered a valuable asset of biodiversity. In 2000 it was awarded the Slow Food Presidium.

Since harvesting this precious seed is complicated, in the 1950s the Lake Trasimeno Bean was at risk of dying out. However, thanks to passion and synergy between Melagrani Farm and some local farmers along with the valuable contribution of the University of Perugia, it has been saved from extinction and has gradually re-entered the market.

In 2002, Berna Fabio, the owner of Melagrani Farm, along with other local farms formed an association to safeguard and enhance this produce – the Lake Trasimeno Bean Consortium.

From the agronomic point of view is a rustic plant, well suited to growing organically.

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